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LaFrieda Smith was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and resides in sunny Florida. She is a mom of 3 adult children and is a devoted wife to her husband of over 25 years.

She has a strong social media presence as an influencer and as a speaker who motivates women to be the best version of themselves while inspiring those looking for encouragement to reinvent themselves in midlife.

As a woman who has had to begin her again through various trauma and circumstances, she has been able to overcome and cope with many obstacles and limited resources. She is the author of 2 books published in 2021, Buying and Selling and Beautiful Flowers.

She is releasing April 1, 2023, Top of the Muffin, TO YOU! as her first children’s book written for and inspired by the love of her youngest son Devon, who is on the Autism Spectrum. This book is 1 of 5 in collaboration writing along with her husband creating The Baker Series.

Motivational Speaking Path:

Helping others has been a lifelong dream of hers since she was a little girl. A mission to speak, promote, inspire, and train others to do that she, through experience, has done along with sharing the story of courage along the way.

Keynote Topics:

Positive Woman Role Modeling

Parenting a Special Needs Child

Reinventing Again in Midlife

Parenting Grown Children

Marriage and Making it Lasts

Mental Health Awareness

Being Organized

Building an Author Brand

LaFrieda and her son Devon

They host a YouTube channel called

The P Word – click here (Cooking up recipes and parenting tips)

What People Say

I am in tears! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. I can’t believe how much care you’ve taken to showcase each author. It’s really lovely and eye catching. This really brightened my heart. Thank you.

(Blogger Bookstore feature-Day 46)

J.G. Macleod- Best-Selling Author

As a realtor, I wanted to see how the Joneses felt throughout the process, Eep! Ms. Smith did a great job documenting the ups and downs of buying and selling and gave me a new appreciation for how my clients feel and how they can help.

(Amazon Review of “Buying and Selling” *****5 stars)

Nora Crosthwaite-

This was such a lovely post to read! It’s great that you’ve set yourself a blogging challenge and I’m looking forward to read more of your posts.

(My 52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 22)

The Kelly Diane Report – Blogger

Let’s build something together.

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