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Hello….if you will allow me to introduce myself….I am LaFrieda Smith. I am originally from Cleveland Ohio, born and raised and currently live in sunny Florida with my beautiful family of 5. I am studying for my Bachelors in Communications and have a strong passion for motivational speaking. I am working on my first children’s book geared towards diversity and inclusion staring my youngest son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Check out my books on my home page. 📚

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I am in tears! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. I can’t believe how much care you’ve taken to showcase each author. It’s really lovely and eye catching. This really brightened my heart. Thank you.

(Blogger Bookstore feature-Day 46)

J.G. Macleod- Best-Selling Author

As a realtor, I wanted to see how the Joneses felt throughout the process, Eep! Ms. Smith did a great job documenting the ups and downs of buying and selling and gave me a new appreciation for how my clients feel and how they can help.

(Amazon Review of “Buying and Selling” *****5 stars)

Nora Crosthwaite-

This was such a lovely post to read! It’s great that you’ve set yourself a blogging challenge and I’m looking forward to read more of your posts.

(My 52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 22)

The Kelly Diane Report – Blogger

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