🎤Speaker Event!!!

🎤Speakers Event🎤

Speaker Event

Yes!!! 😃
I will be speaking along with 9 other incredible authors next month for our virtual event brought to you by:
📚Book Publishing Academy

Meet the Speakers

“The Journey To Becoming An Author”

My Speaking Event Topic: Building Your Author Brand

I will be diving in and telling you about my journey to becoming an author and how I was able to build my brand in less than a year. You will also be motivated and inspired by others speakers who have cultivating and vulnerable stories of survival. It is not easy building something from the ground up, but when you decide to keep going despite obstacles and trauma, it is well worth it. You do not want to miss this event if you have always wanted to write your story and do not know where to start!

Event Date: April 24, 2022

Come Join us for this Virtual Event that you don’t want to miss!!!

Go to http://www.bookloading.com . Use code: BPAAUTHOR2022 for 15% off.

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Grab a pen and paper and prepared to be inspired and get ready to write your book!!

9 months ago, I started working with a Coach who specialized in helping authors, write, publish and launch their books – and I’ve been amazed with the results so far.
And all I can say is:
Writing a book opens up so many doors of opportunities.
I always wanted to write a book and share my story, but I didn’t know how.
The Book Publishing Academy has helped me to explore that part of myself that had been hidden after working a physical job for over 25 years. I was never able to tap into my creativity with my passion;which was writing. I spent a lot of time working for other people’s dreams. I had enough so I retired and decided to write a book. In such a short time, I have made many appearances on different podcast, other social media platforms and I have been able to build a brand that people can look up to and be inspired by. I have learned valuable lessons and been able to have the supportive family in the Academy that I needed in my journey to becoming a Bestselling Author. I am super excited to have 2 books currently out and a 3rd on the way and the support from the Academy has been so overwhelming. I highly recommend Book Publishing Academy to share your story and help others.

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Write Your Book Strategy Call

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