Buying and Selling

Buying and Selling

“Are You Ready to Move?”

Imagine a family that’s ready to sell their home and buy a new one and the agent tells them that the process will be easy to do. But behold, someone forgets to mention certain details that need to be done leading to ups and downs that will make this move more complicated than they thought.

In this book, you will meet the Joneses who learn some valuable lessons on their journey to find their forever home.

You will learn:

1. How to get started in the process?

2. How to find the right agent?

3. How to get your house ready to sell?

4. What to look for in a house to buy?

Plus a lot more!

This book is to help you avoid the mistakes we made in the buying and selling process. If we can help you make the process smoother than we have done our job! Grab this book! You won’t be disappointed.

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Buying and Selling

Buying and Selling is my first nonfiction self-published book about a family of 5 named the Joneses that wanted to move to a bigger house but had to sell their current house they lived in for 5 years. The children were under the age of 16 when their parents bought this house so now 5 years later, the kids are grown up and get to experience first hand the ins and outs of buying and selling a home. The Joneses thought that this would be an easy process, as told by their agent, who sold them their current house, but they soon find out that this process is not so cut and dry.

My inspiration for writing the book came to me actually during my family’s process of selling our current home and buying another. The process on one end was quick but the other end not. I wanted to tell our story and thought that incorporating some useful terms and information that we learned from this experience could help others who haven’t done this process before. This was our first house we sold and had a lot of memories behind it, my children grew up in their teen years there. They grew up so fast before our eyes and am truly proud of what me and my husband created. They played a significant part in the decision making so I dedicated the book to them and my husband.

My goal is to reach an audience of people who are ready to take the next step in homeownership, who are just curious about the process or love to read a great story filled with an adventure. I want readers to be able to not only get some useful tips and information from the book but to also relate to the family in the book who are just regular everyday people wanting to do something together as a family should. I just self-published in 2021, and the response is overwhelming for the book so my hopes for the future is that it will make the best sellers list. Right now, promoting the book old school is not possible, so being virtual as much as possible and staying active on social media day and night will be my mindset and goal for selling this book. This book for me is my first and it will not be my last for my inspiration comes from all around me.

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