MamaTherapy- Day 21

Day 21: Dressing Down

Styling with those oversized fashions.

So yes, ladies, it is perfectly fine to get out those overalls! I have these shorts that I wear that I know are way too big for me but you know what, they are comfortable as hell…lol. There is nothing like putting on that oversized t-shirt and baggy shorts and binge watching your favorite show. Sometimes I am wearing pajamas for 2 days straight. It is okay to be relaxed. I know I said its great to dress 👗 up every once in a while but there is nothing like being comfortable in your skin. Be who you are and comfortable with what you look like. You like wearing rollers and pajamas to the store; go on girl!! You are beautiful no matter what and most important love the skin your in.

Hope this helps 😀

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