MamaTherapy- Day 20

Day 20: Beautiful Woman

Getting Dressed Up, Its Okay.

Let’s see…..I live in Florida and it is just too hot πŸ”₯ to even think about dressing up in anything but a tshirt and shorts…lol. I have to admit that I do envy women who get to dress up everyday for their corporate jobs where they put on heels πŸ‘  and nice suits while looking so professional. I wanted to be just like them πŸ˜” but that never happened. I ended up starting over and being the Tom Boy I always was doing which was on the Frontline lifting heavy loads. Now that I am an entrepreneur, I do like having the luxury of getting up and being in my relaxed clothes but every once in a while I want to be able to dress πŸ‘— up and look beautiful. This is what I say in my mind as I surf the internet. What I want to say aloud is you are beautiful no matter what you wear whether its jogging suits or just a tshirt and shorts. It is okay to allow yourself to dress up to go to the grocery store or to simply take a selfie of yourself. For me, I love to purchase a dress every year for family photos and for my birthday πŸŽ‚ to give my shorts and tanks a break! You are beautiful because I said you are, you just have to believe it. Say it with Me, I am Beautiful. β€πŸ’œπŸ€πŸ’™

Hope this helps πŸ˜€

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