MamaTherapy- Day 19

Day 19: Let It Snow

Cry, Cry and Cry Again

Let me start out by saying that crying is always okay. You are entitled to feel happy, joyful, angry or sad. If you are having a bad day; it is okay to show your emotions. I cry at least once or twice a month, not because I am sad but because I feel it and it has to come out. Holding in or suppressing how you feel only leads to resentment and guilt for things you have no control over. Resentment for things others do is not healthy either. It is their responsibility to own up to their own mistakes. Your responsibility lies when you do something to cause yourself to go beyond being you. The perception you have of yourself does not rest on how others see or think of you, it is all about whether you think you are worth the time and effort. Emotions run in so many directions and come from various sources. Crying is normal, just like getting up and brushing your teeth. Your body needs to know you care so let it out when it needs it. The organs in your body have many different functions and in order for it to get rid of toxins it involves all systems to properly release. If one system is clogged, the whole assembly line suffers. Listen to your body the next time you feel the urge to shed some tears during a happy or sad song that reminds you of a good or bad memory; its okay. I do it all the time and I feel so much better.

Hope this helps 😀

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