MamaTherapy Day 17

Day 17: Superwoman

You are Phenomenal.

Yes, we are pretty strong and amazing!! Without us the world 🌎 would not exist. We can multi-task and lift heavy things that most human beings can’t. We take the brunt of most of the hardships that come along with being looked up to. We are the leaders primarily of our households when it comes to taking care of the house needs. The kids who gets bumps and bruises come see mom for a bandaid and a kiss. 💋 The spouse comes to us when they need a sock 🧦 found or shirt 👕 ironed. We are the true definition of Superwoman. Superwoman doesn’t mean invincible. We get hit hard and keep getting back up; let’s lay down for awhile next time. I know that we don’t cry over a little pain or being tired 💤 but we need to sometimes. Our muscles ache, our head hurts and we get tummy aches so why can’t we take the day off? We know our purpose and as long as we are there when it counts, we will always be known as the Superwoman in the cape answering the call. Get some rest ladies, even Linda Carter (Wonder Woman)🦸‍♀️ took the day off.

Hope this helps 😀

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