MamaTherapy Day 15

Day 15: Getting Older

You are Beautiful

🎶“You are so beautiful, to me. Can’t you see, you’re everything I hope for, your everything I need. You are so beautiful, to me.” 🎶 Joe Cocker My dad and I sang this song 🎵 together when I was very little and now every time I hear it, I cry. 😭 Women often times don’t give ourselves credit for being beautiful people outside as well as inside. We are confident and are the foundation in which everything is able to exist. We birth the world. 🌎 I am 43 years old; I lost my ability to have children in 2015, and felt like I was less than a woman. I didn’t think I was beautiful anymore and less attractive. Then one day, I looked in a mirror 🪞 and saw that my skin was clearer, my boobs were incredible and I had an award winning smile. 😃 It was then, and only then , that I was reborn and found my new purpose. My kids are grown but it doesn’t keep me from being their mother and someday in the neeeeaaar future being an awesome loving grandma. My whole point to this is getting older isn’t the end it’s the beginning of a beautiful new you. Embrace it, you are so beautiful to me and everyone in the world 🌎

Stay tuned for Day 16 tomorrow…..

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