MamaTherapy Day 13

Day 13: Hidden

Bat your Eyes every once in awhile

We all have beautiful eyes. 👀 The soul of any human being is brought out in our eyes. We judge others by how they look at us. No matter how much our face and body change, our eyes will never change. Women must use our eyes more to express how we feel about things. If we are displeased, happy, surprised or even sad 😔, we must let our feelings be known even if we don’t say a word. It is written in our eyes at times, how we are doing so in order for us to stay positive within ourselves, let’s bat our eyes whether in the mirror 🪞 or in front of someone while they talk to us to let them know we want to be notice. I am not saying bat your eyes as a flirt-although it helps to get what you need but I am talking about smiling with your eyes and letting those beautiful eyelashes flap up and down. This is a sign of love 💗 and confidence in yourself-own it-you are a beautiful flower!!🌺

Hope this helps 😃

Stay tuned for Day 14 tomorrow…..

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