MamaTherapy Day 12

Day 12: Listen Close

Hear just enough to keep tabs.

Ladies we have some powerful ears but sometimes we hear things at the wrong time. This post is about only hearing the things that are important. If we pay attention and listen to every little thing that is going on in our environment, we tend to cause ourselves a lot of anxiety. We worry to much about what needs to be done on the other side of the house, when all we need to do is listen and pay attention to what is in front of us and leave the outside noise be. Let go of some of the things that may not sound right in the house-it’s just horseplay with the kids and if they get hurt, it is okay. If you hear arguing, let the teens work it out. If you hear words exchanged and people are crying, you let it happen and be there as a shoulder to cry on when needed. We have supersonic hearing like a strong hearing aid but we need to choose to turn the volume off when needed.

Hope this helps 😃

Stay tuned for Day 13 tomorrow…

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