MamaTherapy Day 8

🌺🌺Mothers Month for all Women🌺🌺

Day 8: Make Me Dance

Put your headphones 🎧 in and shake your booty, girl!

Okay, ladies, what are you doing right now? Turn your favorite song 🎶 on either YouTube, Apple Music or IHeart radio 📻 and start moving those hips, baby! We love feeling good and music should be an escape to our having a good time and feeling positive about the here and now. I love putting on my music during my chores, it increases the endorphins in my body and the music from back in the day brings me back fond memories. My favorites are rock n roll and r&b but if I really want to wine down, I listen to the sweet sounds from the 70’s preferably Motown and some Jazz is easy listening too. Take a moment, put that music on and you should see a big difference in your attitude and mood.

Hope this helps 😃

Stay tuned for Day 9…

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