MamaTherapy Day 7

🌺🌺Mothers Month for all Women🌺🌺

Day 7: Aroma

Candles 🕯 are the BOMB!!

A nice hot bath 🛁 running, candles lit 🔥, Bottle of wine 🍷 or liquor 🍹 and some soft music 🎶 on your playlist….sounds so relaxing right. Allow yourself to have more moments like this every night. It is proven that when we take an hour out of our day and clear our minds through meditating 🧘‍♀️, we are more likely to feel more refreshed and respond from a more positive disposition. I know when so used to take these oh so lovely baths to relax after a long day, it would be like walking on a cloud for me. After working 13-15 hours a day on your feet you need calming sounds, beautiful thoughts and soothing to the nose aromas. Candles are very therapeutic just be careful and don’t fall asleep while they are lit. Get your relaxation on…girlie…you deserve it!!

Hope this helps 😃

Stay tuned for Day 8 tomorrow…

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