MamaTherapy Day 5

🌺🌺Mothers Month for all Women🌺🌺

💝We are all mothers to someone💝

Day 5: TV 📺

My TV show is on, Be Quiet. 🤫

I don’t know how many times, you yourself , have gotten the chance to sit down after doing all your chores and you start to watch your show; the noise begins. It frustrates me when everyone else starts to get loud during a show I have been waiting all day to watch. Or have you had an instance where TVs are limited and you get bonked because of schedule conflicts..ugh. Well, in my house it happens all the time. So, what I did was I designated Friday and Saturday for just me in the living room with the TV 📺 and I watch my shows on Fridays and cartoons on Saturday with a bowl of cereal. 🥣 You have to demand your space and time and be consistent with it. I have gotten so much work done if applicable or just relaxed and I am good for the upcoming week. Take the remote…don’t be afraid to say…

🎶“I want my MTV”🎶 Yes I am showing my age…lol

Hope this helps😃

Stay tuned for Day 6 tomorrow….

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