MamaTherapy Day 4

🌺🌺Mothers Month for all Women🌺🌺

💝We are all mothers to someone. 💝

Day 4: Art

Grab a coloring book and color.

Coloring is something I haven’t done in awhile since my kids had their projects for middle school. I used to draw ✍️ pictures when I was in Middle school of fashionable clothes and dreamed of being a clothing designer. Of course, that never happened, and I am not sure where all those photos went but sometimes I find myself wanting to get a sketch pad. I recently went into a bargain store called Ollie’s and purchased an adult coloring book. This coloring book has some serious things to color so you have to use color pencils. I heard that coloring or drawing is a way of relieving stress and it opens up creativity so if you want to take a trip into your childhood and go back to when there were no adult worries, sit down with your coloring book and join your little kids in coloring for a moment. I used to love it when I colored with the kids. Find your creative venue and explore it in your quiet space.

Hope this helps 😃

Stay tuned for Day 5 tomorrow….

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