MamaTherapy Day 3

31 day series of tips and tricks to help all women this Mother’s Day month because we all are mothers to someone.

Day 3: Food

I will nibble on my meal while I cook 👩🏽‍🍳

So this one goes without saying…get your meal while you can. We prepare the meals and set the table after hours of cooking. 🥘 The question is: “Why are we always the last to eat?” It is because we want to make sure everyone is fed and satisfied before we sit down 🪑 to eat. This leads to a cold plate for us and sometimes we don’t get a chance to eat so what I used to do is nibble on everything to get my servings. Between cleaning up spills, getting everyone seconds and saying to your kids, “Eat your vegetables”, you don’t get a moment to actually eat your own plate-it gets cold. My kids are older now and they get their own plates now finally. Teach them to cook and serve themselves and you will finally get a chance to eat a hot plate.

Hope this helps😃

Have a Great Day!!!

Stay tuned for Day 4…..

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