MamaTherapy Day 2

🌺🌺Mothers Month for all Women🌺🌺

31 days series MamaTherapy of Tips and Tricks for All women because we all are Mothers to someone.

Day 2: Faces

Get Your Point Across Without Yelling

I, myself, know how hard it is to control the emotions when you are stressed. We have to multitask almost everyday and sometimes we can get burned out. The key to not letting our emotions take over starts with how our face looks. Body language is very important and with the face, everything you feel can be expressed and said on your face. I didn’t mention that also the face muscles can contribute to unhealthy wrinkles and black circles under the eyes. The eyes can tell the whole story so make sure to relax your face and breathe before dealing with stress. Kids respond to your stress so don’t let them see it. Try cucumbers 🥒 on your eyes, warm rag on the face before using your words. Recap….count to 3 and relax your face and eyes. Smile with your eyes 👀

Hope this helps😃

Stay tuned for Day 3….

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