Women are Mothers

🌺🌺May is for Mother’s🌺🌺

💜I will be posting 31 days of tips for all women because we all are Moms to someone, that will encourage self care and love for yourself. 💜

Day 1: Space

Find a spot that is calm and quiet.

We all need to unwind at times and the best way to do this is to make a Space just for you where no one can disturb you. It can be outside or inside, at a park, a coffee shop or even in a closet..Yep. I am a mom of three with grown kids ages 22, 20 and 17, and my house is full…I have used closets before. Everywhere I go there is a human so what do I do; My new found space is now in my lanai where I have a corner where my writing space is setup. I love the word “lanai” because it reminds me of my favorite sitcom Golden Girls. I have a really cool setup where I have my mini fridge, comfortable chair and I am able to look out into my garden for inspiration. So, no matter how small or big your house is, you deserve your time of silence and inspiration.

Rest, Relax and Enjoy your Space!

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