And the Award goes to….

As I am writing this with a lot of excitement, I still can’t believe that I won something although I did get featured on Times Square. I entered my book “Buying and Selling” into a contest awhile back. A lady by the name of Patricia Rullo who connected with me on LinkedIn and told me about an opportunity to be included in a great writing community. She is an Author, Radio Host and Podcast producer.. I jumped at the chance to part of it and I was also able to help others at the same time. I entered the contest and low and behold…..

I was a WINNER!!! OMG!!!

I couldn’t believe it when I read my email!!

My Book was the only one in the Business/Real Estate. They had 85 winners in 98 categories. And I was one of them!!

Click here to check out my page for the Firebird Book Award

An added bonus was being able to help young women and children in shelters…they are Paying It Forward which is why I am glad to be part of this authors community.

Click here to order: Buying and Selling
Thank you so much Speak Up Talk Radio for this Award!!

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