I Am Back!!

Hey guys, did you miss me? I missed writing to you guys. Well, I wanted to update you on some exciting things that have been going on with me!!

If you guys remember back in January, I published my first book “Buying and Selling” and it was such an accomplishment!! It has received 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If you haven’t checked out my book yet, don’t worry about it, you can still grab a copy!!

Click here to order : Buying and Selling

Right now, I am currently writing my second book of a 3 part series that will be out in late May. My book series will be all about parenting called Being Independent Series

I also decided that in order to make my dreams come true of becoming a Best Seller, I needed to get a little help to move in the right direction. I enrolled myself in the Book Publishing Academy as a student and my coach Janine Hernandez who is a Best-Selling Author/entrepreneur and is coaching me and other authors through the process.

If you would like to join me in pursuing your dream of writing and don’t know where to start, click links below for Book Publishing Academy and to follow my coach!!

Janine Hernandez (Facebook)

Book Publishing Academy (Instagram)

Janine Hernandez(Instagram)

Next up, since I have been apart of this academy, I have been featured on some of her platforms!!! I was so nervous doing these things but I think the more I do appearances the better I get. Below are some of my appearances with BPA.

Click here to listen 🎧 to the Janine Hernandez Experience Podcast
Click here to check out my interview on Instagram

In addition to doing interviews with BPA, I made an appearance on an international webinar. I had the pleasure of speaking and listening to 11 other great authors. Most had already published many books already and I learned a lot during this experience.

If you would like to be apart of this amazing group and be featured on the Black Books monthly webinar click below:

Black Books Webinar Facebook Group

Forgot mention my feature on Times Square!! Yep, yours truly.

You can see this on my Instagram Page!!

Next on the agenda, of course, I am going to be appearing on a radio show called Chat and Spin this Monday the 19th! It is Nonprofit organization that interviews authors for free and is based in the UK. I am going to interviewing with Ian Johnson. Really excited!!

So what’s next for me, of course I am working on my second book and it will be out at the end of May!!

That’s it for now until next weeks posts which so want to try and get one out every Friday now!!

Thank you everyone for your support up to this point, I know the Blogger Bookstore didn’t get completed but I promise you there is way more to come…stay tuned!!

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