The Blogger Bookstore-Day 79

Count Krampus is his name….our next author comes with a great sense of humor with a little bit of thug and erotica to keep you enticed….Introducing…

Contel Bradford-Urban Fiction
Dave is having a bad day. His car breaks down. His job situation is untenable, and trouble in paradise doesn’t even begin to explain his sudden relationship status. To make matters worse, a group of punks is seemingly hell bent on not only testing his manhood … but threatening his very existence. With the tainted walls of Detroit crumbling around him, Dave has come to one dramatic conclusion …

Available on Kindle click here: The Ghettos Trina Kill Me

Military soldiers are deployed into battle at wartime. For street soldiers, the war never ends and there are no winners. Just survivors.

After losing three years of freedom in a botched crime spree, a decorated street veteran hits the block full of hope and uncertainty. Gerald knows he has to blaze a better trail for his daughter. But G-Dogg has one particular set of skills and it pays more than any felon-friendly 9 to 5 can bring to the table.

Adrenaline pumps and blood flows as a young man from the inner city wrestles the most fierce of all his demons … himself.

Available for KindleUnlimited click here: Thug Nation

The Fetish Dictionary explores some of today’s most fascinating kinks and the complex psyche of the people behind them. Seasoned erotica author Contel Bradford kicks off this two-part series with a collection of sizzling stories that is sure to whet your appetite on the next level.

Available on KindleUnlimited click here: The Fetish Dictionary

Veteran author Contel Bradford presents six hand-crafted tales that engage the mind like only he can. This blend of erotica, street lit, and irony will leave you stunned, stimulated, and at the very least, amused!

Available for Kindle click here: Amuse Yourself to Death

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