The Blogger Bookstore-Day 75

It is Week 11 and Introducing our next author into fashion, cars and loves animals….

J. Gregory Henderson – Fantasy Author
Blood is as Bread in the Dark..

This is a tale of shadow and smoke; of storm and circumstance. Bitter winds cry from the north, forcing old men to seek their comforts and their hearths, fearing the stories of their youths. Ganbaatar of the Steppe is such a man. Haunted by his past, Ganbaatar, the patriarch of his clan, seeks a calm and quiet life with his kin, away from the cycles of the world. His Nephew, Gantömriin, challenges that dream with his wanderlust, alongside the fabled, yet mysterious, hunter, Anchin. As Ganbaatar and his folk cling to their peaceful reclusion, strangers bearing strange stories appear, threatening to thrust Ganbaatar and his people back into the chains of duty and the marring of conflict.

Aranada, wise master of the Gûrén Yún and the Cloudhome of Shān Shikara, watches and waits from on high as the Dark shadow surrounds him. Beset by challenges, old and new, Lord Aranada is forced into tough decisions, regarding his fate as well as that of his kin and, in turn, the world.

Available on Amazon KindleUnlimited and Paperback click here: When the Wind Falls: Of Winds and Dragons Book 1

As the Shadow of the Thade is subdued by the Light of Horn, Bellatrix and her mate, Ahiga, must balance their concerns as parents with those as leaders of men. Bellatrix fears the weight of her name and the baggage she may pass to her coming child.

Anchin, Sarah, Arashi and Tom of Green Fields are off South, seeking the truth of Anchin’s birth, as well as their own footing as adults. Tom’s cares are called to a mystery within the Even Woods, east of the Mountain of Power, much to the chagrin of Anchin, who often wears the hat of leadership unthoughtfully…and too early.

The Black Mistress of the Dark lurks in the wake of her own steps, her mind flooded with her meeting with the Alpha. She can taste blood about her lips, as her fears are laid bare, even as her massing rises anew.

When the Witch Wore Red is the second installation of the Of Wind and Dragons series. Prepare yourself for a gripping vision into the plight of Horn, the last free tower of Noorheim, as presumed friends and allies fall into Darkness. Discover the paths of Evensheim and the Whispering Woods. Hear the songs of the Singers and the ghosts, therein. Learn the Way of Kos Shudoín and reveal to yourself its secrets, alongside the Hunter and his company. Follow the Witch as her life is turned on its head, and all that she knows and trusts becomes a lie.

Available for Amazon KindleUnlimited and Paperback click here: When the Witch Wore Red: Of Winds and Dragons Book 2

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