The Blogger Bookstore-Day 69

It is Week 10, our next author loves lasting friendships…introducing….

Lala Palacio -Short Story Author
If pulling a drain plug could erase the past, Donavan would let it suck all the ugliness away. Every thought, every deed, every word. But an overwhelming fog clouds his mind. It was a prank. Wasn’t it? He never really meant to jump. Or had he? Fading in and out of consciousness, he tries to remember…it’s there…just lingering out of reach…the reason he lost his friend

Available on Amazon Kindle click here- Blank Slate

Shadows. Dopplers. Who are these invisible stalkers? Nikolette has always been surrounded by them but unable to see them. These rage-filled monsters look so much like the people they shadow, they are hard to distinguish. Some call these twin-like shadows Doppelgangers, and Nikolette is tired of being left out. Now she is determined to get one of her own.

Available on Amazon Kindle click here: Mirror Me

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Some of her Amazing Artwork

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