The Blogger Bookstore-Day 65

It is Week 10, our next author is into saving the world 🌎, one animal at a time…..Introducing…

Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark – Multigenre Author
In this romantic fantasy, Adam might be a cowboy, the man of Kelly Porter’s dreams, or an angel who’s up to his eyeballs in Heavenly trouble. With the Heavenly clock ticking, Kelly has to find out and Adam has to prove to his bosses that he can help her find a man who will set her on the right track again.
But…will she fall for Adam or the real man of her dreams?
Suitable for teens and up.

Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Audiobook and Paperback click here: Angel In Cowboy Boots: Guardian Angel Book Series

Candy, Murder and Me is a sweet cozy mystery with recipes that’s a dog lover’s delight.

When Cookie Berelli, dress designer for full figured women, discovers her private investigator dead in her salon, she calls on a few friends to get her out of trouble.

This cozy mystery with a dog includes a cute little dachshund she named Sigmund Freud because he’s such a good listener. She has a bunch of crackpot ideas for how to catch the murderer, and Sigmund, the trustworthy dog he is, follows right along, sometimes even discovering a clue or two himself.

Everyone starts to look suspicious!

Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Paperback click here: Candy, Murder and Me

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Peta.Org (Support an End to Animal Cruelty)

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