The Blogger Bookstore-Day 64

It is the start of Week 10…..Introducing our next featured author….

Marcos Fizzotti- Science Fiction and Horror Author
It’s been a while since this plague took the whole world by storm. The majority of population turned into horrendous beasts that feed on the flesh of the living. I lost everything. I considered taking my own life when I found this place, better saying, the place found me. I thought I was free from the horrors of this new crazy world, but I was wrong, dreadfully wrong. It was good in the beginning, almost like paradise. But it’s all a hoax, a terrible decoy. Things are way worse than before. She’s in our homes, our lives, our minds, I don’t have much time. I can’t stand much longer. I’m even afraid that just by reading this you’re also in danger. Truly sorry, but I don’t know what else to do. I can only pray this message reaches you before she finds out; otherwise, this is my last communication. You’re our only hope, Apocalily.

Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Paperback click here: The Sunshine Dame of Doom:Apocalily Series Book 1

The world as we know it came to an end. A terrible plague turned the majority of population into horrendous flesh-eating monsters. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The situation is catastrophic. All hope is lost. Many humans became animals to survive, even worse than the living dead. Others were deceived by the false promises of those who have me now. Their power goes beyond imagination. They experiment on people, but especially on me. They put me through hell, make me do bad things… use me for their nefarious purposes. I can’t take it anymore. They want control, won’t stop at nothing. We’re merely puppets serving their greedy will. I know I’m putting you in danger by trying to contact you, but I have no choice. I’m in pain. There are others like me. Please, don’t forsake us now. You’re all we got, Apocalily.

Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Paperback click here: The Almighty Lady of Tomorrow: Apocalily Series Book 2

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