The Blogger Bookstore-Day 50

It is the start of Week 8 and our next author is an avid reader and aspires to become a best-selling author….Introducing…..

Charles Heather – Thriller, Action and Romance Author
What happens when your past finally catches up with you? Christmas is coming, and so is Edward Jamieson, the man who has been chasing James Crowley for 20 years. Will Crowley (now using the alias William Mason) decide to stay and finally face his nemesis, or will he run? This time there, however, there is more at stake, and Crowley soon discovers there could be terrible consequences no matter what decision he makes.

Available on Amazon Kindle click here: Echoes From The Past

David is a man troubled by a past he is trying to forget.
Susan is rebelling against a life of privilege and an exasperated mother who holds a secret that will determine her daughter’s destiny.

Available on Kindle click here: What Sets Us Apart

It is said, “better the devil you you know than the devil you don’t.” The question is, which one is Zoe? John Pennington is on his way to stay with his Grandmother, but before he does he has a small favor to perform for an old friend. After a chance encounter with the mysterious Zoe his life takes a sudden turn into uncharted territory in more ways than one. That ‘small favor’ suddenly becomes a life changing event, and with Zoe, the woman who is too good to be true, is, he discovers, just that. Life will never be the same.

Available on Amazon Kindle click here: The Devil You Don’t…

Available on Amazon Kindle click here: Sundays in New York

Available on Amazon Kindle click here: One Last Look

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Books Coming Soon from Charles Heath……… below to preview.

An Excerpt from Betrayal

An Excerpt from Strangers We’ve Become

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