The Blogger Bookstore-Day 47

It is Week 7 and our next author is a jack all trades in the writing community. She is a Ghostwriter, Freelancer, Editor and Writer……Introducing……

Hannah Sandoval – Fantasy and Coming of Ages Author
When the elf princess, Atalanta, is snatched from her palace and a vampire crashes a ball at the castle, all of Arcamira is on high alert. To uphold their alliance with the elves and to satisfy their desire for adventure, four young royals set out with a search party to find Atalanta.

Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here:Arcamira

The Spellcaster Prince is dead—slain and humiliated by an undocumented beast. Princess Atalanta is now next in line for the crown of Alatreon, but she’s only fifteen, which is a blink in the lifespan of an elf. And she’s rubbish at magic. Perhaps she can’t live up to her brother’s name, but maybe … just maybe … she can avenge it.

Book 1 of the series available on Amazon Kindle click here: The Phoenix and the Fae

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