The Blogger Bookstore -Day 40

It is Day 40, and our next author…well, loves Dragons, reading and all the Elements of Earth!! Introducing…..

S. McC – Fiction Author
Fred’s life begins at the end— when he’s been kicked out of his home and left to freeze to death on the street.
In a terrible twist of fate Areanna’s life starts falling apart.
The first day she is aloud out trouble follows her home, and turns her world upside down.
Sakura the only one still at war with herself and element, tries to overcome her disadvantages, but at what cost?
Will the world survive as the darkness closes around them? Or will Sakura fail on her mission in leading them?
Join them as the conclusion of Elements and Darkness collide.
When Erikea comes home from college feeling sick, her past and future collide in a battle of wills!
WIll, has lost most of his family, only a disgruntled and violent father remains.
Being ripped from his best friend when she needed him most was heartbreaking.

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