The Blogger Bookstore -Day 39

It is Day 39 and our next author is a lady of romance and the villians of her stories are heroes….Introducing…

Jessica Lauryn- Best-Selling Suspense and Romance Author

The Pinnacles of Power Series

Book 1: What happens when coworkers find themselves on a criminal organization’s radar and face a hot temptation of their own?
Book 3: Could Julia’s father’s abductor be her teenage crush?
Book 4: What happens when bitter enemies become the most passionate of lovers?
Book 2: Is Alec one of the bad guys, or the man of Lena’s dreams?
Book 5: The most erotic dream of Corinne’s life may not have been a dream at all…

The Rabourn Theater Series

Book 1: What would you do if your mysterious captor was the star of your nightly dreams?
Book 3: Chris Gordon will do anything to avenge his wife’s murder, but falling in love with her killer’s fiancée wasn’t part of the plan…
Book 2: He was her lover in another lifetime, but does Evan know more about Hannah’s father’s murder than he’s letting on?
Book 4: Will the monster who almost ruined Dani’s life make her dreams come true?

The Dragon Lords Series is COMING SOON! 

Both her series are available on Bookbub and Goodreads

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