The Blogger Bookstore-Day 31

It is Day 31….take a walk in our next author’s shoes and rock 🎸 out with her to pass the time… much fun and a lot of energy…..introducing….

Danielle Dassler- Young Adult and Fiction Writer
Fifteen-year-old Andrea Leeson is a punk from the wrong side of the tracks. Abused and neglected by her mother who struggles with grief and depression and whose self-medication has turned in to full blown addiction, Andrea finds solace and safe-harbor among her clique of a misfit gang of oddities–none of whom have it much better, but all of whom understand.

Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here: P.R.

Get on, hold on tight, and be ready for a fight.
Climb on the back of Dereck Gray’s 1989 Harley Softail and journey with him and Andrea as they navigate the aftermath of the events following P.R.

Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here: Coming Up Gray- Book 2 of P.R.

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