The Blogger Bookstore- Day 30

It is Day 30….and…do you love πŸ’˜ the movies…I do!! Our next author has a talent in films and is also a an author of books…..Introducing…

Bryan P. Hughes -Filmmaker, Writer and Actor

Newly Released on January 21, 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world floats, tore into a fragment of it’s whole, through the Milky Way. Inside the hull is the great city of Tutum Patria, a paradise of all the cultures and people of the Earth before it shattered, melded into a harmonic system of science, video games and art. That is, underground at least. Above the great city, is Humanity’s Forest. The last green space on the surface, a surface held together by a machine that replaced the damaged core some 600 years ago.

Available now as a Brand New Release on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here: Mortal Code

Another book by the author…..

In an apocalyptic look at a future that never was; Rain takes you into the life of a select few survivors who live in a world where water is so scarce it no longer falls from the skies.

Available on Kindle and Paperback click here: Rain

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