The Blogger Bookstore- Day 19

It is Day 19 and if you are a young adult or just a kid at heart…we hope you believe in Magic!! This author’s writings take you away where your imagination can see and experience wonderful fantasies and dark secrets….introducing our next author….

Ila Golden- Young adult fantasy and magical realism author
A story of abuse, woven with a tapestry of demons, friendship, love and growing up.

Available on Amazon on KindleUnlimited for Free click here: Hyena Boy

Free for all on (Kindle) 23rd Jan – 27th Jan 2020

Feral 🧛‍♂️ vampires.
Dark instincts.
Something strange is happening in Maio.
Do you want to play?

Book 1 of this series available on Amazon KindleUnlimited and paperback click here: The Doll Maker’s Son Book 1

Mary’s Vail has a secret.

Book 2 of the series available on Amazon Kindleunlimited and paperback click here: The Doll Maker’s Son Book 2

If you like Ila’s book, check him out on his Amazon page to see read other works click here:Amazon Author Page

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IlaGolden Books 📚 Website


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Thank you to all my readers , followers and don’t forget to purchase a book from these 19 great author’s!! Happy Reading!!

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