The Blogger Bookstore- Day 17

It is Day 17 and our next author loves to read!! She is also into dreaming and fantasy writing. ✍ Introducing our next author….

S.V. Filice- Urban Fantasy Author
ISABELLE LOFFLIN lived an ordinary life until her mom mysteriously died four months ago. Now, with the help of her boyfriend, Jeremy, Isabelle is forced to take care of her younger sister, Brett. When Isabelle arranges to have Brett meet a psychic in the hopes of reuniting with their mother, everything goes wrong.

Available on Amazon KindleUnlimited for FREE click here: The Summoning: Moral Bloodlines Book 1

The train that stole Isabelle from her comfortable life in Feathercoe is bringing her back home!
What happens when the Descendants are forced to dispatch to gather recruits to fight against the darkness?

Avilable on Amazon KindleUnlimited for Free click here: The Prophecy: Moral Bloodlines Book 2

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