The Blogger Bookstore -Day 13

So it is Day 13 and I am going to do something a little different. I decided to showcase not 1, not 2 but 3 authors today and what they all have in common is Teaching. These authors are all teachers and with the world 🌎  being so unsafe now, I want to take the time to appreciate the sacrifice they are making to educate and keep inspiring their students. The first author I want to introduce is an author who is well respected in his hometown and does great work with teens and young adults.  Introducing

Chuck Murphree- Mental Health Author and Teacher at Waunakee High School🏫
Fifteen-year-old Neil lost his brother to suicide one year ago, and in the process, he lost his voice. Now, with his parents drifting apart and another first day at a new school, his life feels like it’s spiraling out of control. That is, until Neil meets a high school counselor who gets him involved in the Polar Bear Club, where he connects with a group of classmates he can finally relate to. As their friendship grows, so do their adventures. Life throws out many challenges, and death forces us to ask “why” far too many times. In Everything That Makes Us Feel, Neil tries to navigate a world in search of the answers to those questions.

Available on paperback on Amazon and also Barnes and Noble online click here:Everything That Makes Us Feel

Amazon author page

Along with writing ✍ this young-adult novel, he has been featured in his hometown tribune. Read all about it by clicking here or below picture:Waunakee Tribune

Waunakee Tribune

If you would like to follow his journey on Twitter click here:Twitter

Our next author is a retired school teacher but has a wonderful imagination when creating his books. πŸ“š Introducing….

Michael Beyer- Fictional Cartoon Writer and Retired teacher

A whole Lotta fun in one package with his cartoon work and he loves toys like I do. Pictured below is just some of his books and his favorite toys.

I had a Fozzie puppet as a kid…I love the Muppets!!

If you would like to see more of his cartoon work follow his blog here:Catch a Falling Star

These titles and many more available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and paperback click here: Amazon- Michael Beyer

Amazon author page

If you would like to follow him on Twitter click here: Twitter

Our third and final author used to be a jack of many trades in the nightclub business as a bouncer, bodyguard and dj now is a writer, author, teacher and host of his own show. Introducing….

The same gang that forced Doc into retirement are blackmailing him into running their strip club.  As the Royal City Riders attempt to take over the province, Doc attempts to remain neutral in Niagara and Brantford

Available on KindleUnlimited and paperback click here: Down the Lane

Amazon author page

If you would like to follow him on social media via links below:


Facebook / Paul Lafferty Facebook



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Thank you to all my readers, followers and don’t forget to purchase a book from these amazing teachers!! Happy Reading πŸ“š

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