The Blogger Bookstore- Day 11

It is Day 11 and as we meet our next author, we really can get excited about what he writes. He writes a mixture of fiction, thriller, crime with a lot of action adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat! Introducing a world traveler to take you on a ride…

Sho Okumoto – Crime and Thriller Author/ Life Coach
A lost boy named Tyler, who cannot stop getting into trouble and gets himself into a big mess one day, digging a deep hole for himself entering into the criminal world.

Available on Amazon Kindle and paperback click here:The Fall and the Rise of Tyler Soul Reacher: The New Superhero

Another book on his list…

A story of a lonely man called Doug, who had a regular life, working hard to make an honest living and to live a normal life, who was truly a big fan of the new Superheroes, Soul Reacher, Carmina, and Franco!! 

Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for Free and for purchase on paperback click here: The Clownrepler: The Rise of the New Villian

A killer action packed book…

After a couple of years of being retired from her profession as a contract killer, Audrina began to live a normal life. Audrina’s mother and father are not getting along very well and her father gets into trouble with the yakuza’s. The yakuza raided her family’s home and kidnapping both her mother and father and almost having Audrina bleed to her death. Audrina must come out of her retirement and go on the mission to save her parents and kill the yakuza boss that has caused this big massacre.

Don’t worry, there are many, many more titles to follow click here to shop: Sho Okamoto – Amazon List

And also here: All Author

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Hartrand– Life Coaching Services

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