52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 51

One Hobby I Would Like to Start

This computer is one of the first computers made. When I was introduced into technology, my dad was a programmer for a major software development company. He showed me and my sister a computer similiar to this and this is where I became very interested in what computers do. When I was a kid, my dad used to create games with his knowledge in coding and programming and I thought it was so fascinating.

It is amazing to me how more animated, difficult and how much time is takes to make video games now with our advanced technology.

I would love to get back into the aspects of programming and design.

Almost everyone has an ideal to develop something or improve on an existing ideal. I would like to learn how to code and program. With the understanding that it may take a couple years to finish, I would love to see my ideal come to life.

Wish Me Luck!😃

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