52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 50

What Makes Me Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine🤣

1. Babies laughs make me automatically crack up.

2. Children who do the funniest things.👇 Down below is my daughter at 3 years old getting ready for a day of shopping. She is mimicking how her mom(me) gets ready to go out.

3. Comedians in movies and stand-up are always my go to make me laugh and feel better. Some of my favorite comedians are Kevin Hart and Gary Owens.

4. Kids when they say the funniest things. Kids are known for being brutually honest and they dont have a filter. Sometimes the things they say can be cruel but if as adults we were that honest all the time, think about how much heartache people would avoid. I follow some twins on facebook who have a lot of videos where they do tutorials and talk about grown up people problems and say what they think about it. They are so cute.

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Don’t forget Laughter is the Best Medicine😂😂😂!

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