52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 49

My Greatest Weakness

Going back to the job interview, what is your strengths and weaknesses? Weaknesses tend to apply to what you think you lack that would be good to improve on. But in general, this is about who you are as a person and what you could do to make changes.


Okay so, like many, I want things to be a certain way or I get all in what I call a tizzy. Perfectionist expect that things will be organized and everyone has to do things their way or it is the wrong way and seems unorganized. I am working immensely on this by allowing others to do things the way they do them and if they need advice or guidance, I give them my opinion and I try to allow for to grow.


You know when you help others it is the right thing to do regardless of whether you are praised for it or you get scolded or taken advantage of. I am a person who has learned that I like helping people but I don’t know how to help myself in certain situations. I wanted so bad to acheive a higher standing as far as a career was concerned but now I realized that what I wanted and what was obtainable was not in my reach. Everyones situation is different, always keep in mind that just because someone seems all together, that they are. Always personalize your solutions to how they can help you. If it works for someone else, thats great, but if it doesn’t don’t throw it out. Always follow your own advice and make the best decision when you are clear about what you want.

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