52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 47

The Most Beautiful Places I’ve Been

1. Cancun, Mexico

I visited here in 2004, I believe. My husband won this trip from his career as a cellphone salesman. This was back when cellphones had just got started. He was one of the top saleman so he got to go with a group of collegues and managers. It was our first trip out since I had our daughter in 2003 and we had a great time. When we went, it was after Hurricane Andrew and they had just restored it. The resort was all inclusive and my favorite part was the meals that were prepared fresh for us.

2. Las Vegas

Me and my husband went to Vegas 2x with his sales job and the first time he won the trip, it was my first time there. We stayed in a beautiful hotel for 5 days 4 nights and it was magical along with the perks. After he won those trips, we decided to go back 2 more times by ourselves and 1 more with the the teens. They loved it and we stayed in a hotel where my husband stayed as a child. Right now it is not as lively because of the virus but one day hopefully it will light up again.

3. Clearwater Florida

Me and my family moved to Florida 9 years ago and we have visited almost every beach there is and my favorite has always been Clearwater. Beautiful hotels right along the beach and night life is incedible. The ocean has always been wonderful and the sand is always taken care of.

4. Puerto Rico

So, last year I went to Puerto Rico, which was one of the many things I wanted to do on my bucket list, I went with 8 wonderful women. All of Puerto-Rican descent, they taught me a lot about the food, language and culture and it was a pleasure to have visited this beautiful place. Check out my visit here: My Trip to Puerto Rico

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2 responses to “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 47”

  1. Those are some beautiful places and the 52-week challenge looks like an interesting one!

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  2. These are some beautiful places! My husband and I went to Vegas while travelling a few years ago and absolutely loved it!



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