52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 45

What I Do To Recharge?

1. Sleeping

I try to take naps now during the day to let my body rest. Since being retired, I have a lot more time on my hands so I can schedule time to relax. Sleep is a very important element in staying healthy and no one should be ashamed of taking a nap during the day. You would be suprised how refreshed you feel. What helps me sleep is eating a meal right before…I am out like a light.

2. Listening to Music and taking a bath

Music has always been my favorite go to for good mood so in order to get rid of stress and anger at times, I turn on my bluetooth speaker and music while running a nice hot bath. Be careful not to fall asleep though-you will either wake up freezing in cold water or there will be knocks at the door from everyone in the house.

Take a Vacation!! I do! 5 days to a week is good for me. Take a flight to see friends or enjoy a cruise. Being able to sleep in and do whatever you want for those days without a routine can definitely get you recharge for your life back. I know it is hard to do this right now with Covid but as long as you take extra measures to protect yourself, you should be just fine.☺

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2 responses to “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 45”

  1. Hi, I’m pretty new to all this. Instagram, technology… etc!
    I have a 17 y/o son, I’ve been a single mom since my son was six.
    I so admire your charisma and how you look at life. My son keeps telling me ‘mom’ it’s time for you to get a life, date, make friends.
    But before my husband left I was vivacious and fun. And my son had to miss all that because of my self pity. I didn’t just lose a husband ,(,I use that term loosely as my son does father).
    I’m 51 and it is time for me to get a life. Just like I want my son out there living his happiness years. God knows he deserves it. Sorry for rambling but I pulled this up on snapchat and started reading what you’ve written.
    Thank you for you kindness in this sometime unkindly world.
    Melissa Cooper

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  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful words! My family has always been the center of my world and now that my kids are grown at 22, 20 and 17 like your son, I, too, had to decide to get out and get a life. I had no friends at all. I hope you get your “Groove Back” because that is so important to keep yourself happy. I was surprised when you said you saw this on Snapchat…I had no ideal it was reaching people there. I dont even have a snapchat..lol.


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