52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 44

My Favorite Snacks

I dont know if you crave just sugar or salt but for me there are two things I love to put together-fries and icecream…Yummy. I like dipping the salted taste of friench fries in the cold smooth creamy sugar texture of a milkshake or a bowl of icecream. I have been treating myself lately at Steak and Shake for their 1/2 price shakes between 2-5pm weekdays and you get free fries upon request. The catch is the number of fries is one per person in car. I also love the Wendys fries and dipping it in a frosty☺

Turn on a movie for the night and enjoy a full bowl of popcorn. I love the extra buttered kind, I don’t add anything else to it and I always seem to pop it just right. Sometimes I eat this with a sugary snack like icecream or snack cake.☺

CHOCOLATE!! Anything chocolate covered like cake, pretzels and candy. Really goes well in a bowl of icecream☺

Homemade cookies…so gooey right out the oven!! My favorite is chocolate chip of course dipped in a ice cold glass of milk or in(it bears repeating) a bowl of butter pecan icecream which is my favorite.☺

Well that’s it for snacks…so if you will excuse me, I need to raid the kitchen for something sweet😉

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