52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 41

My Biggest Accomplishments

When I think of accomplishments in my life I can remember alot of things that I have done in my life but if I had to break it down to my best things, they are as follows:

I turned 20 and started my journey into motherhood❤❤❤ 3 beautiful children who are now 22, 20 and 17.

Next on my list and I did a challenge on this last year for the 31 days: Click below to read :

My Most Proud Moment

Second on my list-“I Bought a House!!” I worked very hard for 5 years with endless days of no sleep and thinking about nothing but making sure my family was happy and my kids grew up in a great city.

I got a college degree!!📚 I worked my full time job for 5 years and during this I obtained my degree in Business Management in 2015. I went and got a tattoo on my arm the same day I graduated.

Last but not least becoming a successful adult. Not alot of people can say that they have been able to go through life challenges and say that they are able to be a functioning adult and to top it off take care of other human beings.

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