52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 39

What I Miss About My Childhood?

Looking back at my childhood, all I could think about was trying to make the most of my days by having fun. Long ago, when I was growing up, we didnt have technology to keep us company like kids now. We relied on imagination and being creative with out time. We could go hours until the street light went on. Playing outside all day meant hitting the ground alot!

First thing I miss is getting bruised up all the time and healing up quickly. Now that I am almost 43, a bruise comes out of nowhere and can take a long time to heal while causing alarm to bones and joints.

Second thing I miss is being able to get taller and just grow….if you are my age you know what I mean. It seems like you are short as a child and grow up while as you get older you shrink down and have to buy wider shoes because your feet become uncomfortable because of gravity.

Third thing I miss is being able to jumprope and go bicycling. With my arthiritis and back issues, I cant do these things anymore without breaking something. I do want to get back on a bike again-maybe get a 2 seater so I can have someone else ride it while I coast. I live in Florida and can do it all year.

Anyone remember Red Light Green Light?☺I miss being able to play in the street without getting hit. Now it is so dangerous now.

Fourth thing I miss is “No Adult Responsiblity!!” No Bills and No Working. We had so much to look forward to as children and we had no ideal what we were going to be up against as adults.

As you go through my list of things think back to your childhood and see if there is anything you may have missed during yours. I wish I knew then what I know now…go figure.

Thats all for this week and tune in week 40!!

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