52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 37

What’s Always In My Grocery Cart?

Alrighty….who is hungry?

I literally get hungry everytime I talk about going to the grocery store. It is a good thing that I shop online instead of in-person….I would go there hungry all the time. Eat before you shop…you will save money! Right now since the pandemic, we as a family are shopping online and picking up our groceries. The only time we go in is when we really need something they say is out and we have to get something else.

So what’s always in our grocery cart…

Honey bread and hamburger buns
Deli Meats
Toilet Paper

These are essential items everytime we shop. The convenience of Walmart grocery pickup is cool with some cons but overall much easier than getting out the car, putting mask on, shop, stand 6 feet away and checkout. Less choatic. If you want to try it out go to Walmart Grocery or download the app. When you go to the app. it gives you a lot of locations in your area to choose and various times for pickup.

Well, that’s it!! I am going to get something to eat right now!! Happy Shopping😁Stay tuned for week 38 next week!!

Stay healthy and safe everyone, we will get through this💜

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