52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 36

Let Me Brag A Minute!!

So…yes…anyone who knows me, my kids are my whole world and I take every opportunity to brag about them. I am so proud that they have grown up to be such great people, even though there times I want to scream at them. They are human. They aren’t perfect. They are the light of my life. These are my kids at their different stages:

From babies, to preteen, to teens and now adolescent. My oldest son Brian is now 21, and he is working and going to school Full-time. He is studying Coding and Programming for video games and software development at Full Sail University Technology is growing and expanding and he has a potential of making six figures in the future. My youngest son Devon, 19, graduated this year 2020 and is pursing a career in Culinary Arts. He loves to cook, a straight A student, works part-time and will be attending full-time classes at Traviss Technical College.

I created a recipe of 16 books in a binder for him to create and each week on Sunday, we work on 1 recipe. Here are some of his creations:

So Yummy!! They tasted really good!!

Thank you to my Blogging friend Pencils and Popcans for providing alot of the great recipes!! We will try the Coconut Chicken Curry soon🤗

My youngest daughter Briana, 17, is going into her last year of high school as an A student and playing softball. She works part-time. She has aspired to be a Marine Biolists since she was 10 years old and wants to attend Southeastern University next year.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for week 36!

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  1. So proud of my nephews and niece love them so much!!!❤️😊

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