52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 33

What’s In My Closet?

So….this blog post I have to talk about whats in my walk-in closet. I am so ashamed of my closet that I didnt even take a picture of it. It was so cluttered and just so disorganized. It was turning into the “Black Hole”


Everytime I turned around, me and my husband kept adding things to it that didnt belong. We had clothes, shoes, a treadmill, yoga ball, table and chair, empty gift boxes, empty TV and electronic boxes that are waiting for the warranty to expire, 4 compartment drawers for socks, underwear, shirts plus shorts, souvenirs from places I visited in a box, fish tank supplies, my giant bugs bunny I got in vegas…..

Sounds like a lot right? It was😣

Since the quarantine….I realized how much clutter we actually had and it started to work my nerves and cause anxiety. So I decided to do one project a day to get organize the house. I cleaned my closet a couple weeks ago.


You can come in now…

I am so proud of myself that now our closet has just our clothes, shoes, my husband satellite office-which is a table and chair to sit down, 4 compartment dresserts and my bugs bunny.

Well, thats it for my closet!! Remember, decluttering your life is good for your mental and emotional health. Take everyday and keep your brain active by finding something positive to keep it moving in the right direction. Have a great week!!

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