52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 32

My Inspiration to Blog

My top three inspirations for blogging are:

  1. My Family- I live day to day with my 3 almost grown children and my husband and they inspire most of the things I write about.  Sometimes, it can be something as simple as meetings we have had, their special abilities or how the world affects them with everything going on now.  We have fights and battles, our disagreements about things but one thing we have always believed in doing is being honest and respectful of one another while staying close.  Here we are the week of Father’s Day taking our yearly photo-which is our 21st year of taking family pictures.  This one was inspired around my husband.20200617_183302[1]
  2. Challenges- This one is focused around my readers getting to know me.  A blogger has many talents-one is writing.  I love to showcase my writing and how I articulate the topics given to me for either a daily, weekly or monthly challenge.  Right now, I am working on the 52 week blog challenge, with this being week 32, and I love it.  Try these challenges on your own and see if you can keep up.3. Telling Someone Else’s Story- There are people who have stories to tell but no one really cares about it, so they don’t write it.  I care. I have written alot of stories on my blog and while writing them I have cried some. Everyone deserves to be heard and everyone’s story is different no matter how similar it may be.  The feelings you have during your experiences will differ from others with the same story. I am a member of wonderful women’s empowerment group led by Valerie Padilla started 2 years ago and I wrote a 1-year anniversary piece on some of the great things they have accomplished.  Click here to read the story: You are Queen today and everyday….women empowering each other 2019 . I also did a piece on breast cancer last year and I told the story of my friend Valerie’s mom.  It was a very touching story so much I cried while writing it and still do. Click here to read her story:  The Heart of a Dancer..A Queen Remembered

This is what inspires me to blog…check out next week for #33

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