52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 29

Well Somebody Has to Say It!


The world right now is just chaos and for some reason everything that is going on can be traced back to the government in some kind of way.  What the heck is going on? We have way too many people in charge of our welfare. Covid-19 and the brutal murders of African Americans all over the world by police have become the forefront of our lives and it all leads back to the people in charge.  We are once again having to revert back to children being told what to do by adults.  Everything from you don’t have the right to stand up for yourself to you get information on a need to know basis.  Years have gone by and so many attacks on the African American community have gone unseen and reported because of the protection of law enforcement.  I personally think that what has transpired in the last 2 months to change things for us is for the better.  Sometimes, making drastic changes to history like removing all forms of inference to racism…has to be done.  Taking down symbols and even replacing the National Anthem need to be done.  Our community needs people in charge that believe in what they say America is supposed to stand for. At the start of Covid-19, we were not informed in time to do what was necessary to prepare ourselves for the outbreak instead it was concealed and thought to be too late to contain it.  Right now, we are all divided on whether one should social distance and quarantine or everyone should wear a mask to enjoy our lives….for the sake of the economy thus helping the government.  Do they really care whether we live or die…I can’t tell.  From allowing the economy to open up and cases increasing to allowing for sports teams to play and triple the exposure all for the benefit of making money.  This is the chain of command in charge of us:

We have the Congress, House of Representatives, Senate then the President.  In that exact order is how a law is passed.  Our lives our dictated by what the President signs into law.  I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone, where we are returning to the dark ages.


I am from Florida and I gotta tell you, we are very divided.  The Mayor of many cities in Florida have been able to pass a must wear mask law….unfortunately our Mayor has not been able to get the law passed.

Many people in Lakeland our divided on this and for me, this is just my opinion, if you are scared, are vulnerable to the virus…stay home unless you are an essential worker. You can save lives and money staying home. Everyone can just do drive-up pickup, our phones and computer apps are always available.  If you don’t have technology, calling for a pickup will do.   I myself, do go out to do a Walmart grocery pickup, go to the doctor and I have been to the beach. I enjoy going out to dinner but I can eat at home if I have too.  The neighborhood merely bringing up the fact that they are worried about Covid-19 causes anxiety and fears and is not good for mental health.  I don’t believe our economy will ever be the same.  I think it would be alot easier if they would just quarantine everyone as before and keep only essential workers out there.  The cases were slowing down and we were looking up but because the government has to stimulate the economy and keep us down, money has become more important than our lives.  

That’s all I got…remember elections are coming up…go out and vote for the right people to run your life.

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One response to “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 29”

  1. Amen sister on that I am so nervous and scared about this Covid-19 stuff. This world right now is so crazy I’ll be so glad when we can start to try to get back to normal.

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