52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 28

Ten Guilty Pleasures

So I have to talk about 10 guilty pleasures I have but only have 7…here it goes….

Reality TV Shows– So every week I am always tuned in to the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo when a new season comes.  Every Monday afternoon, I watch the DVR to catch up on what the ladies are doing.  What I don’t understand about the shows even when I used to watch Real Housewives of Orange County, is, Aren’t the women supposed to already be married to be a housewife?  I ask this because most of the women are not married or they have been divorced.  Maybe two out of the bunch are married. I have been watching seasons after seasons and I think that they should really change the name of the show if they are not going to have them be housewives.market[1]                                                                          

  A second show I am watching right now is 90-Day Fiance. I like this show because of all the different couples on it….desperately trying to find love whether in the US or other countries.  They have 5 series: 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, 90 Day Fiance:What Now? and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After along with Pillowtalk where all the couple are in their homes watching and commentating the episodes. I love when they have the Tell-All at the end of the season and you find out stuff that happened off camera. 

2. The Food Network . Everyone knows I love food! I am a big fan of all the cooking shows and the shows I watch the most are from a famous chef and restaurateur Guy Fieri. He has two shows Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives &  Guys Grocery Games.  I love the Triple G games in the grocery store and I learn alot how foods are used in different recipes.  My son loves to cook and is going to be attending Culinary school so I have been fascinated with helping him with different creation I see.

3. HGTV – I am a big fan of  House Hunters!  Although I do not like the process of moving, it is always fun to look at different houses and neighborhoods.  Sometimes it makes you appreciate where you live currently and other times it makes you more eager to move when you see what is out there.  Personally for me, I watch the show and love to pick out the house that’s best for them but they sometimes pick the opposite.  I really love seeing my own state of Florida appear on the show


 4. Sweets!! I love cakes, cookies, pies and anything with sugary.  I found out recently that I am borderline diabetic so I had to almost go cold turkey on sugar.  I eat fresh fruits and substitute sugars for healthier snacks.  Don’t get me wrong, if there is an occasion with cake and ice cream, I will eat in a small portion.

5. Shopping! I am so glad that there are applications where you can shop online.  It is so stressful to walk into a store and buy the things you need.  We are social distancing right now and it makes things so much easier….even eating out with delivery.


6. Learning Something New!  I like learning new things.  Some people say when you get older that your brain can’t absorb as much but actually you can if you keep your brain thinking about positive things. Negative thoughts and feelings take alot more energy and cells. Today I learned the meaning of schooling and community when I was buying my fish for my tank. Asking questions doesn’t make you dumb, not asking does. If you don’t know something, ask.

7. People Watching!  And no, I don’t have binoculars or sit on my front porch for hours.  The kind of people watching I do is when I am at dinner with friends or when I am just at home with my family.  I like to watch how people interact with one another and it is interesting to me their body language and the facial expressions. You can find out alot about a person if you just sit back watch in silence as they talk and interact with others.  One of the reasons I do this, is to help me feel comfortable with those I am with and to better understand others.  People inspire me alot and help me tremendously with my writing.



That’s It!

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