Writing is My Passion

So excited right now!! I love when you work on something for many hours, days, months and maybe and people recognize the talent that you have. Although, I wasn’t successful out on the career front as my age crept up on me, I didnt give up on what I love. I love to write and have a great passion for it. In the last 2 years, I have been writing alot about my experiences with my family or friends in my blog. I came across another writer awhile ago and she has her own blog: Her name is Laura Smith and she does giveaways, guest post, features, essays and book reviews. I like how she recognizes the talents of others and allows for writers to showcase it on her blog. Follow and Subscribe Here to check out her blog.

A couple months ago she posted on Twitter she had been looking for Guest Posts to promote and I responded with interest.

She picked me to be one of  her guest post and I appeared June 12th on her blog. Check it out Here

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Have a great weekend☺

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