52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 15


60 minutes in an hour….

24 hours in a day…..

7 days a week……

52 weeks in a year…. and 12 month a year, seems like a lot of time but it is just not enough to get things done.


Right now we are in state of hysteria where we deal with what is called COVID-19 aka Corona virus. All over the world, we are faced with having to quarantine ourselves and keep social distance. For most of us, our entertainment outside the home has gone away because of the shutting down and closing of many businesses. We are still able to go thru drive-thru and carry food out. My family and I love going to the movies but now that they have closed, we found another way to enjoy movies at their finest.

Classic Drive-In Theatre with cars and neon sign
Classic Drive-In Theatre with cars and neon sign

We have a drive-in theater called Silver Moon who show Retro movies every week to keep with the rules of social distance. It is so nice to be able to sit in your car, or on a blanket and pig out on your favorite foods and snacks in the privacy of your cars while enjoying movie classics. In March, we enjoyed Back to the Future, Jaws, E.T and Jurassic Park, so cool!! As a family, we also love being at home enjoying game night. I’m not talking about sports but good old-fashioned…..

Board Games!!!


We love playing Pictionary, Scrabble, Guess Who, Battleship, Card Games and many more!! We also do movie nights at home now that there are Blockbusters straight from theatres in the comfort of your home. I do miss not being able to go out every Tuesday for my Lakeland Dinner and Movie Group.

Going out to dinner takes on a new form when you are eating together at home. My family and I have adapted well with eating at home now that we can all balance our meals and some of us have saved money staying home. We may not eat at the same time but we get to spend more time together even when they are still working.

During this time, we must all remember that this is a temporary situation and everything will return to normal soon.

Everyone remember to wash your hands, stay home if you can and stay positive!!

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